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Mannheim Palace

The ultimate fairy-tale castle! Built by the Elector Charles III Philip, this palace on the outskirts of Mannheim is well worth a visit today. Originally containing a total of 1,000 rooms and halls, the palace comprises a magnificent main wing, as well as an east and west wing, and an impressive façade – making it one of the largest palaces in Europe. Elector Charles Theodore put the finishing touches to the palace and made it what it is today: a Baroque gem from the outside, while the inside is adorned with ornate Rococo features with hints of Classicism.

The first residents of the palace can be traced back to Frederick IV, Elector Palatine of the Rhine. After being destroyed during the Nine Years' War, the city of Mannheim was slowly rebuilt and construction of a fortress began. The foundation stone of today's palace was laid under the direction of Herwarthel in 1720. The main building was finally completed in 1726 under the direction of Johann Clemens Froimon, to whom the palace owes its unique façade.

The construction of the palace can be broken down into three distinct periods, stretching between 1720 and 1760.

Barockschloss Mannheim

68161 Mannheim

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