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Sometimes you need your hotel to provide you with more than just a room. We will be delighted to set up tours of the Saarland region, help you celebrate a special occasion, or organise a culinary experience. Let yourself be inspired. By the way: our hotel is only within a stone's throw away of Luxembourg.


5-star Superior, 7 days, 9 highlights

There is no either/or: At Schloss Berg, the land of a thousand opportunities, you can have it all. Discover over 2000 years of history in Trier, shop 'til you …


Check in & check it out!

A pearl at the point where Germany, France and Luxembourg meet. That in itself makes this region charming enough, but then we must also mention the numerous …

Moments of Joy

Divine relaxation

Take some time off from the daily grind and indulge in three days and two nights of blissful relaxation in one of our divine "Roman Suites". Enjoy a heavenly …

Moments of Joy

Dolce Vita

A trio of true superlatives! For three days and three nights, revel in the beauty of sweet idleness, and indulge in whatever your heart desires: culinary …

Moments of Joy

Roses and Vines

In vite vita – there is life in the vine: the ancient Romans already knew that its active ingredients are responsible for bestowing a fresh, rosy glow on the …

Moments of Joy

Moments of Joy

A joy shared is twice the joy! We know how to make you twice as happy: spend not one, but two days and nights with us, and enjoy the romantic surroundings, …

Moments of Joy

Lunas Daydream

Dreams come true: Gently drift away into the land of Luna, the Roman moon goddess. Relaxation galore and princely pleasures of the palate will make for an …

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