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A warm welcome to the first archery hotel in the Saarland!

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  • Bogensport in der Gruppe im Victor's Seehotel Weingärtner am Bostalsee

Traditional archery ...

- is healthy and good for us.
- is relaxing and clears the head.
- encourages a team spirit.
- improves concentration and boosts self-confidence.
- exercises body and mind.
- makes us more resistant to stress.
- is tremendous fun!

Archery for everyone

What is highly contagious, but completely healthy? 3D archery, the "hunt" for three-dimensional targets on an outdoor course. Completely animal and nature-friendly. With traditional wooden bows, without a sight or technical ballast, it is the perfect healthy sport. It clears the head – and above all is tremendous fun. Archery is "in". And with expert guidance is also very safe.

Which is why Victor's now works with the Bogensportschule Saar school of archery – the most renowned specialist for traditional archery in south-west Germany. Highly qualified instructors offer courses from beginner to advanced levels, private one-on-one and group lessons. As our guest, you can use the hotel's own archery range and the equipment room. In addition, you will find two large 3D ranges in close proximity, one of which is the Schaumberg-Parcours, opened in July 2018, with 33 shooting stations, just 10 minutes away from our hotel.

Our archery highlights for you

We offer you the perfect archery experience in no fewer than four ways:
- as a leisure experience for the whole family
- as an special offer
- as training for traditional (competitive) archery
- as coaching for companies (the absolute insider tip amongst the incentive events)


Drei Kinder und ein Erwachsener im Wald beim Bogenschießen nahe des Victor's Seehotels Weingärtner am Bostalsee

Outdoor fun for all seasons

3D archery is tremendous fun for all ages We suggest that beginners book an instructor, as they will then learn the correct technique. This will help them to experience success and make sure they are safe from the start.

Introductory course right at the hotel's own archery range, including  equipment rental. Duration: approx. 2 hours
Groups from € 22.00 per person, individual training € 70.00

Introductory course includes 2 training sessions, free entrance to the parcours and equipment rental. Duration: approx. 4,5 hours
Groups from € 30.00 per person, individual training € 80.00

Family special: € 99.00 for 2 adults and 2 children from 6 years of age (younger siblings may come along)

Our offer "Hit the Bull’s Eye Gourmet Style!"

Want to feel like Robin Hood and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of a gourmet vacation at the same time? Wait no more: visit the first archery hotel in Saarland and let your arrows fly with our offer "Hit the Bull's Eye Gourmet Style!".


David Kossmann, Trainer Bogensport

Let your arrows fly!

Victor's Seehotel Weingärtner is your perfect training camp. Either by yourself or with the entire club. We offer the perfect preparation for competitions and professional training.

Our head trainer, David Kossmann, holds the highest licence currently awarded by the German Archery Association DFBV, and is himself a successful competitive archer.

Other DFBV instructors are available as well as David Kossmann. "We optimise our participants' shooting technique to the latest competitive sports findings," explains David Kossmann. And not only do the instructors work on an archer's intuitive style, but they can also help to improve traditional target techniques such as gap shooting, string walking and so on. David Kossmann is also much in demand as a bow maker (DK Bow-Factory), and knows all the tricks for the best way to set up your equipment.

The hotel's own archery range offers a 3D training parcours and a olympic parcours (FITA/WA) with 5 targets, at a maximum distance of 70 metres.

The Biberburg Course

The Biberburg Course is the perfect competition training site with 30 stations (DFBV and IFAA-compliant). In July 2018, the Schaumberg-Parcours opened to the public. With its 33 targets it is conveniently located in close proximity to the hotel, just 10 minutes away.

And in case you got caught in the rain, simply leave your wet apparel in the drying room. You won't find better logistics for your training anywhere else in Germany. And we haven't even mentioned our comfortable hotel, the friendly service and the excellent cuisine yet ...
Prices: We'll be pleased to prepare an individual all-inclusive offer for your "Training camp" for you.

Individual prices:
Day ticket € 12.00 (Biberburg Marpingen), € 15.00 (Schaumberg Tholey), adolescents half-price, equipment rental € 10.00

Victor's own archery range can be used for free by the hotel's guests

Professional instruction for traditional archers (with their own equipment): Groups from € 22.00 per person, private one-on-one lessons on demand

Victor's Archery Coaching as an incentive event for companies

Bogensport in der Gruppe im Victor's Seehotel Weingärtner am Bostalsee

When motivation comes from within

Our Archery Coaching with the professionals from the Bogensportschule Saar school of archery will enhance any conference, any seminar, any company event. It's not like any other offer. No lectures. No PowerPoint. No hocus pocus. Instead: having fun, clearing your head, discovering your own strengths. Together, in small groups, outdoors. Experience success straight away and take it home with you. So easy, and so good. The perfect incentive event for your employees.

Wellness sport with the "wow!" effect
Our instructors will teach you the technique of intuitive archery. You will learn outdoors, on traditional wooden bows without a sight. You'll learn to guide the arrow to the target using your feeling and all the force of your concentration. And you'll be amazed how quickly you manage to do it. Depending on what you want, we can focus on leisure and fun, dealing with stress, preventing burnout, mental training or team-building.

Team-building: Hunting for points together
Shooting bows and arrows together outdoors is a fabulous experience for everyone. It provides positive shared experiences, and strengthens motivation and a team spirit. The technique of intuitive archery allows you to experience the strength of your physical feeling – you'll be amazed at what you can do

Mental training: Feel your own potential
Stand firm, focus, don't overtighten the bow, release, feel the relaxation, and hold. All this is taught and learnt with complete ease. "Intuitive archery enables us to make changes tangible, and to root them permanently," explains psychologist Madeleine Kunz. "The active physical movement, combined with mental training and psychological approaches, leads to permanent change. The focus is on concentration, inner peace, strength and self-perception."

Operational health management (BGM): The bow as a weapon to fight stress
To find peace, recharge your batteries. With Victor's Archery Coaching, you're doing something specific to benefit the health and well-being of your staff. "Intuitive archery is the perfect way to prevent burnout," promises Wolfgang Kossmann, naturopath and certified archery therapist. "As a healthy sport practised with qualified guidance, archery is actively relaxing and balancing. It is good for the back, and boosts your stress resistance and mental performance."

Prevention sport that's fun!

Head instructor David Kossmann: "Archery is a gentle prevention sport that helps to develop the muscles in your back with complete ease. This improves your posture, and is excellent for slipped discs. Focusing between near and far prevents the eyes from ageing prematurely – an absolute boon for anyone who works at a computer monitor. And being in the great outdoors brings pure relaxation. This makes this sport the perfect balance for sedentary office activities in particular."

Whatever you are planning, Victor's Archery Coaching is always a good choice. For instance, a few hours during conferences and seminars can really work wonders. Try it and see!

Prices for archery coaching

From only € 25.00 per person. Let us advise you – we'll be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you! From a two-hour taster course to an epic week-long outdoor experience with a fiery finale. We can also arrange major events for over 100 participants.

Our coaches: the best in the south-west


David Kossmann
Company founder, bow maker and certified instructor (level II) of the German Archery Association (DFBV)

Madeleine Kunz
Qualified psychologist, DFBV instructor, expert in mental training and relaxation techniques



Wolfgang Kossmann
Certified archery therapist and naturopath, expert in BGM and burnout prevention

Dunja Böhnel
DFBV-certified archery director and instructor, yoga instructor




Marco Hoffmann
DFBV-certified archery director and instructor

Simone Hoffmann
DFBV-certified archery director and instructor


For major events, the Bogensportschule Saar can also call upon additional experienced assistant instructors.


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