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Hotel accommodation with hearing comfort

We offer rooms with hearing comfort so that guests with a hearing disability are able to enjoy a pleasant hotel stay that is tailored to their requirements. In addition to the technical components, our portfolio also includes professionally qualified staff who will be pleased to answer any questions concerning our rooms for guests with hearing disabilities.

Our hotel bears the quality seal "Hören mit Herz" – "Hearing with a heart". This award stands for a tourism offer that is designed specifically for the special requirements of people with impaired hearing.

Our hearing-friendly features include the following technical equipment:
  1. lisa Hotel Set consisting of:
    • a remote doorbell button. When activated, a bell signal is transmitted to the receiver
    • a flashing alarm that converts alarm signals into strong light pulses
    • and the corresponding vibrating cushion that converts the signals from the alarm into vibrations
  2. "Guardion" remote smoke detector that emits an acoustic warning signal when smoke develops and transmits an alarm signal to all lisa remote receivers within range
  3. "Swing-digital" digital TV hearing system with under-the-chin receivers for people who are deaf
  4. Inductive connection to Reception consisting of a mobile loop system and microphone system for barrier-free communication with our hotel staff


The technical equipment is designed for mobile use so the equipment can be used in any room, as and when desired.


The number of hearing-friendly systems at our disposal is limited. Please note that prior reservation (there is no charge for the equipment) is essential.